Nysa Sounds has been making music in many forms for many years - sometimes more and sometimes less, both as a hobby and for profit, but always for the love of it. Spanning many different phases of life his life, it is the constant that has always been with him:

"It transports me to different worlds, and ultimately feeds the soul."

Absorbed by music from a young age, he started with Cello and Piano, playing in Orchestras, before moving onto Guitar and to make loud noises in Bands.

Discovering Electronic Music and Club Culture, he cut his teeth as a DJ on the free party scene and built a Sound System with friends.

Compelled by his growing obsession with all things sound, he set about building a Music Studio which enabled him to create, record and produce music with many different people.

After releasing a back catalogue of work that spans over 20 years, in late 2020 he released a brand new album, Floating Dragon. Reflecting an eclectic mix of influences, it is a kaleidoscope of sound that will take you on a journey.

He continues to make music today, with more release planned for the future. Watch this space …